Welcome From the Presidents

Please join us for the first ever joint meeting of AIC and SPNHC, two organizations with many complementary interests. This is the second virtual meeting for each of us, reflecting the dramatic changes we have faced over the past year due to the global pandemic. It is fitting that our theme reflects this upheaval: Transform 2021. 

For the general sessions of our 2021 annual conference, we sought submissions that challenge “normal” and “normalizing.” How can we transform our field, and how can our work transform the world? Let’s imagine and share projects that incite and foster institutional change; create inclusive and welcoming environments in our museums and studios; and take on big challenges, whether they do so in ways that are large or small.

We hope you find presentations and events that inform your work, delight you, and inspire deeper consideration. For SPNHC members who are new to an AIC meeting, we highlight talks that were proposed with you in mind – you can find these in our Guide to SPNHC Sessions.

For those of you interested in talks of a certain material or specialty, you can explore the program directly, using the filters on the right to sort the talks. However, we have grouped together topics wherever possible to make it easy to engage with them. 

We invite you to explore more than just talks! We are hosting business meetings, social events, meet and greets, and a full virtual exhibit hall. This has truly been a year of transformation and change, and we look forward to sharing this rare time of connection and collaboration with you. 

Margaret (Peggy) Holben Ellis
AIC President 

Paul Mayer
SPNHC President